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Cotisol First Aid

Cotisol First Aid®

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A cicatrizing antiseptic agent

Cotisol First-Aid®

Hydrocotyle Tincture


The ideal First-Aid product for home, work and activities like camping, fishing, boating, scuba-diving.

First Aid Green Heals®

Mixture of mother tinctures and essential oils with cicatrizing and antiseptic properties. Cicatrizing action due to Centella Asiatica or Hydrocotyle tincture. Antiseptic action of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme in addition to the anti-infectious. Anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor properties of Horse Chestnut. Thanks to this combination of plant extracts, Cotisol® has much stronger and faster cicatrizing, antiseptic power than each active ingredient administered separately. Cotisol® is particularly recommended for the treatment of minor wounds, burns/sunburns, insect bites, various dermatoses and for maintenance of optimal skin integrity. properties of Carlina.

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  • Cotisol® is a dark green liquid containing an active ingredient as a standardized extract of Hydrocotyle Asiatica and essential aromatic oils.

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  • Cotisol® contains Hydrocotyle Tincture (Active) 85-89.0%

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  • To clean, affected area, spray a small amount of Cotisol First-Aid® 3 to 4 times daily. Repeat until healed. May be covered with a sterile bandage. For children under 2 years of age consult a doctor.

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  • For External Use Only Do NOT apply in the eyes, or over large areas of the body. In case of deep puncture wounds or animal bites consult with your doctor. Stop use or consult with your doctor if the condition persists or get worse. Do Not use longer than one (1) week unless directed by a doctor Keep out of the reach of childrenr.

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  • Keep out of the reach of children For children under 2 years of age, consult doctor.Store at 68 -78 F (20-25 C). Keep out of direct sunlight

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  • Lavender Oil Extract – Rosemary Volatile Oil – Horse Chestnut Tincture – Thyme Volatile Oil – Cypress Volatile Oil – Fenugreek Tincture – Carlina Tincture